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Produce Peddlers approves all sellers at their time of sign up and reserves the right to revoke membership.

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When you submit this form Produce Peddlers will first review your information before you are approved to sell. You will always be able to buy produce with this account.

School District and Other Institutions
Terms & Conditions

If a buyer is a school district or other institution determined by Produce Peddlers to be eligible for extended payment terms, such buyer(s) shall pay within the period of time, and on such other terms and conditions, as specified by Produce Peddlers, either on the Website or pursuant to a separate written agreement or invoice with such buyer (the “Invoice”). The buyer agrees to make payment as and within the timeframe provided on the Website or the applicable Invoice.

The buyer shall pay interest on all late payments at the lesser of the rate of 1.5% per month or the highest rate permissible under applicable law, calculated daily and compounded monthly. Buyer shall reimburse Produce Peddlers for all costs incurred in collecting any late payments, including, without limitation, attorneys' fees.

In addition to all other remedies available under this User Agreement or at law (which Produce Peddlers does not waive by the exercise of any rights hereunder), Produce Peddlers shall be entitled to suspend the delivery of any goods if buyer fails to pay any amounts when due hereunder.

You shall not withhold payment of any amounts due and payable by reason of any set-off of any claim or dispute with Produce Peddlers, whether relating to Produce Peddler’s breach, bankruptcy or otherwise.